Monday, January 31, 2011

The beginning of 2011... Art and Fitness

I'm starting this blog not knowing where it will lead me. I'm an artist with many ideas bubbling over and not as many to show. I'm hoping in keeping this blog it will not only motivate me but motivate others. My primary form of art/expression these days is painting. Mostly in acrylics. Some mixed media, which I enjoy the most. I have also found a new passion in glass painting and illustrations.

On top of creating art I'm also getting into fitness and triathlons and other races. I found comfort in friends along this new path. I did my first Triathlon last Summer and it was so amazing! I am now training for my first half-marathon on May 7. I am a bit skeptical on how I will do on this race. I have numerous injuries I'm recovering from right now and hope that in about 2 more weeks I will be back to running and cycling and all around training... which brings me to my next thought...

How do you stay motivated?
Not just with working out but also creating art. It's nice when I get in a groove and then it's easy but when the groove isn't there and I have to force myself to go workout or go for a swim or pull out my paints and work on my art, it's easier not to... But I remind myself the rewards are better when i do. Funny how from both these activities I feel more grounded and at peace with myself...

Is it strange to be an athletic artist???